Production Studio Insurance

The industry of studio production in California is competitive and a high risk business. There are many circumstances where production of a film can go wrong. Equipment can malfunction and there are also many instances where people can get injured, as well as damage to property in the studio. By working with Ken McLaughlin Insurance, studio production insurance can protect your investments.


Every time a production studio is used, it is an unique situation. Some productions are large and there are different risks associated with a production on that. Other productions may use highly technical, expensive equipment. This all affects your studio production insurance rates.                                                     


The right solution is needed to protect yourself from liability and also protect your equipment from any kind of damage.


Your film production insurance plan needs to include different coverage types:

  • General Liability: This portion of the policy will provide coverage for injuries that happen during production to anyone associated with the production besides direct employees. This also covers any damage to other people's property.
  • Equipment Protection: This coverage provides protection for your recording devices.
  • Professional Liability: This coverage protects you against risks like libel, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and defamation of character.
  •  Workers Compensation:  Health protection for staff employed by the production company in the event of            work-related injuries or illness.