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Flood Insurance in Campbell and Oakland, CA

Protecting Homeowners in Campbell and throughout Central California against Flood-related Risk

Damaged structures, lost precious items, and destroyed property are all risks that one faces if he or she suffers flooding.  Flooding, which can come from an El Nino or a number of other sources, is something homeowners need protection from.  Insurance provides necessary protection, and at Ken McLaughlin Insurance Services we have a comprehensive flood insurance program.

Californians can face a high levels of risk for flooding, and this is one reason why you shouldn't wait to get flood insurance, which could save him or her hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We’ve provided flood insurance in California for many years, and through our program we deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions.  We’ll deliver one of these solutions to you.


Flood Insurance Coverage Details


Flood insurance is different than most other types of insurance.  It doesn’t go into effect until 30 days after one has purchased it, and the federal government underwrites it.  Independent insurance agencies can sell flood insurance since the government contracts them, and this benefits buyers.  The peril of flood is excluded from any homeowners insurance policy, so one needs to purchase flood insurance separately from homeowners insurance.  This is okay however, since a good agency will provide great flood insurance for the right price.

We can write a flood insurance policy that provides up to $250,000 in coverage for a home and up to $100,000 for a home’s contents.  If additional coverage is needed, we can write an excess policy.  We’ll work with you in order to find the right coverages, and although the federal government sets most limits and rates, we’ll get you what you need.

Your rates will be determined in part by the level of risk for floods in the area in which you live.  To find out the flood risk level of the area in which you live, use the FEMA Flood Map Service Center’s search tool.


Dedicated, skilled Agents keeping you secure


Statistically, you have a greater chance of suffering a loss that results from a flood than from a fire, and this is one reason why you should have flood insurance.  You can’t wait until a storm is on the horizon to get it; you have to plan ahead.  Get flood insurance now and be prepared for the wet season.  We’ll help you get the insurance that you need, and we’ll also ensure that your rates are the best that they can be.

Know that if you purchase a flood insurance policy from us, you’ll be supported as well as protected.  We intervene in claims if necessary, and if we do intervene, we work with insurance companies in order to get clients what’s deserved.


Contact us or give us a call today.  To start on a policy, request a quote.


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At Ken McLaughlin Insurance Services we’re proud to provide flood insurance in Campbell, Oakland, Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Jose, CA.  We also serve other areas in the state.

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